Karl Rove supports Thad. Says that McDaniel has no right to complain? (updated)

Karl Rove is upfront about his personal help to Thad Cochran and his Super PAC’s help.

He even acknowledged that some of his support comes from anti-tea party (but glossed over that anti-tea party is just expecting Republicans to do what they say they will) . Of course, he did not acknowledge the racist techniques to draw out some of that vote.

Source (Behind a paywall – may have to get to the article via Google)

Does anyone understand this comment Rove made?

“Mr. McDaniel cannot complain about crossover voting since he participated in the 2003 Democratic primary.”

I haven’t heard this before. Any idea what this refers to? I will gladly update as soon as I have more info.

Update – It is true. Source via JakeI am not sure why McDaniel did this. Curious to hear a more complete explanation. To Rove’s point though – not sure this proves anything. I haven’t heard anyone argue that crossover voting is illegal. The argument has always been race-baiting and selling out Republican positions to get that crossover is a crappy thing for establishment to do. And that actual fraud is a bad thing and should be investigated.